Chelsea L's Field Experience

First impressions

“Love is a better teacher than duty.” -Albert Einstein

As I walked into the classroom today for the first time, I thought about the years that I have spent planning my future classroom in my head and the passion I have for social studies as well as becoming a teacher.  It felt like finally, I was one step closer to my goal.  When I walked in I saw a spacious room with desks sort of scattered around facing different directions I was thinking to myself, “What is the goal behind this disorganization?” I then scanned the walls to see what kind of memorabilia was posted and loved the representations from the different parts of the world, enhancing the feeling of it being a world history classroom.  There were African masks and posters of Bob Marley, a Chinese calendar, a Jimi Hendrix poster, maps of Southeast Asia, world maps drawn to scale, and more.  I felt nervous as I waited for my cooperating teacher (CT) to enter.  He came in put my mind at ease immediately because of his casual nature and reassurance that he was very excited to work with me this semester.  I also smelt the cooking lab next door and the cheesecake they brought to my CT, yummmm. As the day went on, the students reviewed the readings they completed the night before, completed comprehension checks to make sure they understood the material, and went over what they needed to do for homework.  I heard questions from anxious freshmen about when assignments were due, if they were going to have homework, etc. The periods were short and concise and I enjoyed my CT’s teaching style, while I also feel that I would approach the content very differently.  I found out as I went that the purpose of the scattered desks was to receive student input on how they felt the classroom would be best set up to foster their learning and make the two different boards fully visible.  Overall, the visit was a little different than I expected because of the non-linear format of instruction, but I think it will give me a better feel for different teaching styles and I’m excited to work with my CT.


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One thought on “First impressions

  1. Nice job explaining your first experience at your new school. I wasn’t expecting cheesecake to be one of the first sensory observations, awesome! Cathy and I really enjoyed meeting with your CT and I think he will be great for you to work with. He seems very accommodating and interested in your development as a teacher. Your blog looks great, nice choice of theme and color!

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