Chelsea L's Field Experience

From Chalkboard to the Web

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” -John Dewey

This week, I observed different uses of technology in the classroom and thought about ways that the content could be mixed with technology to enhance my own lesson plans.  The major use of technology in my CT’s class involves using a platform that operates similar to Scholar called Moodle.  My CT uses Moodle to upload the World History textbook, the audio for the book, notes that students can print before class, all of his power points, etc.  He also creates a calendar that has his lesson plans and homework for at least a week ahead of time.  It is really impressive how organized his site is and is something that I hope to use in the future.  When I went to parent teacher conferences, Moodle was a great backup tool because my CT showed all of the tools to the parents if they had concerns about reading comprehension, their students note taking skills, etc.  


Another helpful use of technology is the setup my CT has with the connection between the computer at the front of the room and the projector screen.  This allows him to access Moodle in front of the class, do lectures/power points, and even interactive activities on the screen.  I plan to use this for my own lesson.  The technology my CT uses is easy to access because of the layout of the class and the individual access for students from home.  

Overall, hearing of my colleagues and the technologies available in their field studies classrooms, it seems that my school does not meet too many SOL technology requirements.  Projection screens and computers are available in every classroom, but my CT has complained about the slow internet access and the unreliable projector screen.  

I think after having the workshop with smart boards, I would be interested in exploring those further and implementing their use in my future classroom.  I think using interactive activities would be cool as well.  My partner and I are planning on using this type of lesson plan for our midterm this week, which is helping me think of new ideas for technology use.


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One thought on “From Chalkboard to the Web

  1. Chelsea really nice post! Moodle is a great site and I’m really impressed how comprehensive your CT’s site is. Having everything available to students and parents is an amazing asset. I like how you pointed to the significance of the classroom layout, great insight! Also I appreciate your critical analysis of how technology is being used according to the Standards of Learning. I’m willing to bet most teachers are not even aware that technology standards even exist. Really nice reflection of Chapter Six from Larson and Keiper. I really think you have a good understanding of the importance of engaging students with adequate and appropriate questions. Unfortunately questions or questioning is often just assumed that teachers already know how to do this; sadly, many do not. Great job!

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