Chelsea L's Field Experience

Language, Literacy and Inquiry Essay CODA

I wrote a poem for my CODA that serves to outline the ways that education is changing in the world today.  The theme I focused on in my essay was how  the themes of language, literacy, and inquiry are integrated into the change in education and shift towards interactive, student directed learning.  The findings were that the different authors all focus on different aspects of learning challenges, but suggest similar instructional strategies to solve these challenges.  Some of these are discussed in the paper as well as the poem below:

History isn’t just about the past-

It’s about significance and making it last.

As the world evolves and culture is diverse,

Students must interact with info, not just rehearse.

In order to analyze, students must read,

And interact with sources in order to succeed.

Language can be learned through cooperation,

As the US is an increasingly heterogeneous nation.

Teachers should not just lecture to the class-

Students should inquire and self-motivate to pass.

As education is ever evolving,

Beginning teachers have many challenges worth solving.


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