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The Rewards of Teaching

The Rewards of Teaching

I liked this photo for this week because now that I will be taking on the role as full time teacher, I feel that the whole process will seem much more rewarding to me. It is exciting and new to me to think that the grades that students receive and the progress that they make in the class will be a result of my effort to teach them. So far, I have only felt like I am helping the teacher by having another adult in the room, but the roles will be reversed. I think this is a very exciting new step in my journey and look forward to seeing student progress and really learning from my mistakes/ triumphs as I go.


Full Time Begins!

Student Teaching

Week 3- Feeling more comfortable

This week I would use one word to describe my experience: comfort.  Throughout the week, I felt much more at ease in front of the class and even started to learn a little bit more about my students preferred learning styles while trying out some new techniques.  I was also able to sit down with my CT for an hour and discuss different activities and ideas she suggested to incorporate in my unit plan and the rest of my teaching, as well as developing a schedule for the curriculum.  I feel more comfortable in other ways, too.  I feel that I am starting to gain an authority role with some of the students that I was having trouble with in prior weeks and my teacher commended me on that.  The process of getting students to sit in their seats and begin class quietly is becoming shorter and easier, which is also nice. 

As I turn in my unit plan and curriculum framework, I feel that in the next week I need to make sure I discuss any other issues or concerns I have with my teacher before moving into my full-time role at the middle school.  I would like to ask her a little more about behavioral issues, ask her opinions on changing the seating chart for potential group work activities, and also look into her grading routines so that I can properly create my own grading.  I may also create a note to send home to parents, informing them that I will be taking over soon, therefore creating open communication.  

I look forward to this new chapter in my experience and am ready for the challenge!

Week 3- Unit Planning and Curriculum Framework

Week 3- Unit Planning and Curriculum Framework

This week, I was able to sit down with my CT and really hash out what my role in the classroom would be throughout my full-time student teaching experience. It really was like piecing together a puzzle, trying to think about how to assess students, integrate differentiated learning techniques, cover the SOL content, and make sure my materials are easy to use. Hopefully it all plays out well!

Moving into new roles

Week 2 of student teaching

Behavior management

Behavior management

This week, I have taken on the role of the teacher from the beginning to end of class, and have been focusing on gaining authority in the classroom. My CT has given a sheet of “helpful hints” with certain sayings that really work for her and ways to change behavior problems by moving on to positive progress. It’s been challenging trying to gain behavioral control while also managing all of the other tasks such as collecting homework, giving tests, lecturing, and using interactive activities. I feel that I am receiving a lot of helpful advice and look forward to trying new strategies and building my professionalism with students.

Beginning student teaching

Beginning student teaching

I like this animation because it sort of captures my initial feelings as I enter the classroom in a student- teaching capacity. Everything feels like a juggling act as I try to learn the student’s names, integrate myself into the daily routine, get up and take on the role as instructor, and get to know school policies. While it has been a hectic week so far, I am excited to see what lies ahead and will remain organized so that I can continue this “juggling act” with success.

First Impressions- Student Teaching Begins…

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