Chelsea L's Field Experience

First full week of planning and teaching

This past week I started on World War II, mostly using my own unit plan.  I have now taken on full responsibility and am taking on the task of planning and teaching.  I think that creating lessons ahead of time and using backwards design is helping me a lot with my organization and pacing.  I also am learning that each class period goes at a different pace and has their own distinct challenges.  This has allowed me to always have extra activities or worksheets for students who work faster.  

Another way that my CT and I are planning to help pace the classes better is by pulling out students who need remediation to work on activities with my teacher while I teach in the classroom.  It has been challenging because the students are on very different levels and I feel that if I try to teach them all the same things, I end up spending most of my time on helping students with trouble reading or trouble understanding the activities, leaving out students who are higher level and need self-directed learning.  If my CT pulls out students once in a while, this should help pace everyone better.  

Another aspect that I was able to experience this week was parent-teacher conferences. We only had 2 for the whole day and they both went really well.  My school has team conferences with the four core teachers and reading specialist (if needed).  It was nice to see a different way of conferencing.  I felt like it helped the parents to cross reference how the student is doing in different subjects and different times of the day.  I also think it helped because teachers were able to point out things that the students were doing positively and really keep the students best interests in mind.

As I look to next week, I will look towards trying to expand the creativity and scope of my lessons and get the students motivated for WWII.  I am very excited to see how the students respond to the activities and materials this week.Image


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One thought on “First full week of planning and teaching

  1. Chelsea this is a really nice post. The challenges you expressed are ones that all teachers deal with, so don’t feel bad. It is nice that your CT is taking out some of the students who need additional help, however, when you have your own classroom you’re not always going to have this luxury – so always keep in mind how you would approach your instruction with all of your students present. Consider utilizing group activities with the students who don’t require as much attention. I think you’re doing a great job! And I know that you will continue to thrive for the remainder of the semester.

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